The basics, in brief

Our stellar reputation.

We have earned a reputation for versatile processes and high-quality products. We are known for flexibility, reliability and willingness to collaborate with our partners – not only with our customers but also with our vendors, employees and surrounding communities.

Our screening and quality-control processes.

We are recognized as one of the most aggressive recycled pulp producers in the use of fine screening for removing contaminants. We run regular daily testing on all final products, and food-grade pulp is consistently tested by our quality-control team to ensure that it continues to meet U.S. food and beverage requirements. The pulp is also tested at various stages in the manufacturing process to ensure a quality final product. We are committed to providing clean recycled pulp.

Meets U.S. purity Requirements.

We are the only recycled pulp producer that meets U.S. food and beverage requirements using all non-brown grades of recovered fiber to produce a food-grade product. This effort took four years of rigorous testing, the development and installation of our own patented process and much dialog with the regulatory authorities. We provide the only environmentally sound content alternative to single-use paper products that now consist solely of either virgin pulp or Styrofoam.

'Just right' advantage

Mississippi River Pulp is small enough to be flexible and responsive to our customers and to changes in the market, yet large enough to handle the demand of the large paper mills.